martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Euro Tour September

We keep trying to get shows around Europe in september, but for the moment our tour is like this...

15th sept Zaragoza (Arrebato)
16th sept Barcelona (La Jungla) w/ Instinto and Mordare
17th sept St. Etienne/ Lyon / Marseille HELP NEDEED
18th sept Lausanne (TBA)
19th sept Zurich (TBA)
20th sept Innsbruck (TBA)
21th sept Graz (Sub) w/ Boredom
22th sept Leipzig (Zoro Fest)
23th sept Nijmegen (Odenbroek)
24th sept Blegium/ North France HELP NEDEED
25th sept Paris ( La Bouée) W/ Faxe and Dystil
26th sept Brest (TBA)
27th sept Bordeaux (TBA)
28th sept Burgos (Sparrows)
29th sept Coruña (Filomatic)

Any help would be wellcome!!!...

2 comentarios:

  1. morito you have to come to greece, com'on

    1. hey mike!!! how long hehehe...
      i wish , but in september we have not time enough to go ...
      i hope some day... we really want!!... fuck job!!
      how are u??